TurningTables enables you to rapidly envision, build, validate and launch disruptive new startups. We look for high impact products and solutions with the potential to disrupt the energy space as it’s today.

We focus on providing value on 3 areas
we consider critical for startups:

MVP co-creation and validation

We believe having a first successful case study for startups is a crucial milestone. That is why we focus all our efforts on helping startups build and validate technologies and business models adapted to the market needs.

Access to customers

Once we really understand the value of your solution and who your customers are, we’ll do our best to help you connect with the right partners with direct access to your first customers.


With a product already in the market and some clients satisfied, we’ll work together to define what your needs are and the resources we can provide. We could give you access to our investors network, corporate partners and much more.