Living Lab

A playground for innovators built on top of a real energy grid. We’re enabling the grid of the future, today, for innovators to be able to develop the business models and technologies of tomorrow.

  • Real infrastructure, Real Population, On real-time usage data
  • With over 3k users, 16MW load
  • A mixture of Lab experimentation, Field testing and UX validation

TurningTables Living Lab
enables innovation


  • We are an open ecosystem with access to thousands of end users.
  • We channel feedback and insights about new ideas, product and services tested in a real life environment.
  • We are open to the scientific community and the industry with an Open Data philosophy.


  • To foster social innovation that leads to new ways of interaction with energy in a more competitive and productive scenario.
  • To build Knowledge and experiences based on usage data.

Benefits for the
Innovation Community

You are invited to experiment in our Playground

“Plug and Play” Field Testing for new products and technologies

Acquire leading research and knowledge skills in a critical sector as Energy

Networking and synergies with other Living Lab members

Access the Living lab experience and get ready for the future

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