An innovation ecosystem that builds, validates and scales disruptive business models in the energy space

We work with the most disruptive startups, corporations and investors in the industry

A Moonshots ecosystem

We support radical new technologies and business models on the edge of what is technically possible. Our goal is to positively impact in the lives of hundreds of million of people while building billion euro businesses.

What we do


We identify problems with huge potential to disrupt the energy space as it is today.


We specialize in co-building technologies and business models adapted to the market needs and ready for real testing.


We give you access to our Living Lab and ecosystem to run experiments, iterate fast and prove the value of your solution.


We have what it takes to make growth happen. From cash or tech investment, to commercial help or networking.

A playground for innovators

We’re enabling the grid of the future, today, for innovators to be able to develop the business models and technologies of tomorrow.