Turning Tables develops technology to build a clean energy future today. Because change is no longer an option.

We are a tech company. Doers. Working with the most disruptive agents in the energy ecosystem.

Tech drives change…Through people

We work on the edge of what is technically possible to create a global impact. Real tech applications with real communities to validate and scale up. We need to bring change and knowledge to people if we want to achieve the kind of change we work for. 

How we work


We look for opportunities to validate hypothesis, run experiments, iterate fast and prove the value of the solution. Always moving forward.


We work end to end. We collaborate and engage with all agents in industry: from innovators and producers to consumers. Change will be global or it will not be.


We create solutions. We accelerate change through action, improving and learning by doing. From where clean energy is generated to its distribution and consumption.


Deep change comes from great impact, so we are, above all, doers. Our goal is to make things happen sooner and better. For the future of all of us.

Learning by doing

We created our own Playground for innovators: Turning Tables Living Lab. An open validation platform to develop and connect  the most disruptive technologies and business models of tomorrow.

For global change, we need to involve people and communities, so we lead projects and experiments with citizens. We must all be on board if we want to succeed.
We make things happen, we’re doing it now. We develop and apply real technological solutions.

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