TurningTables enables you to rapidly envision and validate disruptive initiatives on the field at no risk. We look for open minded corporations willing to build the energy future in collaboration with others.

Things we can do together:

Get unique dealflow

Get access to a curated deal flow of startups and innovators disrupting the energy industry and whose products and technologies have been validated.

Synergies with TurningTables ecosystem members

Connect with industry peers, entrepreneurs, researchers, public entities, and other players that are part of our ecosystem.

Plug & play playground for new products and technologies testing

Get access to the grid of the future and a community of +3500 users to build and validate new technologies and business models in full speed mode and at no brand risk.

Access to experience and know-how generated in our Living Lab

You will be able to see what other innovators do in our Living Lab and learn from their experience and results.

New business models creation

We will help you envision and validate new digital business and initiatives based on disruptive technologies.

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