Python/Azure Backend Developer

About TurningTables

TurningTables is an energy innovation lab aiming to accelerate the adoption and commercialization of smart and sustainable energy systems to better people’s lives. Our goal is to foster and help to develop new innovative solutions in areas such as energy efficiency, Clean Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Home and Mobility.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for extremely organized and self driven senior Python Developer to work in our offices in the beautiful city of the Alhambra (although we are also remote friendly), with an amazing team of people.

If you think you can help us change the energy industry, read on…

About you:

  • You think that your job is to deliver the maximum value to the people so you want to participate and understand the whole process of creating new disruptive products and services
  • You love learning and you are a You enjoy playing with new libraries and technologies
  • You speak fluent english and are ready to work with people around the world
  • You have at least 5 years of experience with Python and other programming languages and understand that “your” code is not really “your” code and should be shared with anyone in the team
  • You know how to build and API and how to debug and profile it when things start to get weird and break
  • You understand how to delimit and architect the functionalities of each piece of software
  • You have experience working with databases, specially with big ones, and know how to handle the data streaming coming from lots of IoT devices. Apache Spark demonstrable background will be positively valued
  • You are pragmatic and love doing things efficiently. Things done are more important that things You love the agility and know the power of working in short iterations. You love the concept of continuous delivery
  • You have experience working with Microsoft Azure or AWS, and think that things like Docker are a bless for the humanity
  • You think that the energy industry is obsolete and are ready to change that

Your future responsibilities:

  • We expect from you to integrate into our development team to architect new product and services based on the information gathered in real time from multiple IoT devices distributed along the electrical Those product and services rely on machine learning and optimization algorithms

What we offer:

  • An environment of innovation and disruptive technologies where future business around the energy sector is going to be created
  • An amazing open minded team of sympathetic and smart people where everyone ideas and needs are welcome and considered
  • Free coffee and cookies and whatever else you need to feel comfortable and do your daily job
  • The possibility to work in our offices in Granada or remotely
  • Compensation according to experience

How to apply:

Write to, and tell us about you and why we should hire you. If you have a public repo where you upload your code you can send us the link too so we can evaluate your ninja coding skills. If we are interested we will contact you to do a personal interview and know more about you.

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